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March 01, 2009



You nailed it, girl! Great post!


Tricky one. I'm the first to parent other people's kids, in pure violation of parenting rule #1 ("never parent someone else's kids") when they're doing something out of line that's affecting me or my crew. I've been verbally assaulted plenty of times as a result, had evil eyes give me 3rd degree burns, and have caused familial ripples that I'm still not sure have calmed. But... sorry, if it's affecting my crew, the consequences of my interjection will be damned; I'll interject.

There is a line I won't cross however, and that's mothers (dads are another story; I'm one) doing their parenting. From discipline, to diet, to whatever (you have a good list). Never mess with mother bear; that's rule #0.1. Cross that line and you'll be lucky to live to tell about it.

I'll easily reprimand other kids right in front of their parents though. What matters most to me is the example I'm setting for my kids, or if the time is right (like when I'm enjoying a coffee by myself and could do without an annoyingly loud kid in proximity), what public example I think someone else's kids should have set for them (e.g. strangers don't necessarily like pesky kids), by me.

Of course, if you jump in on *my* kid I'll be all over you like sun on shine. Yes, I'm wrought with hypocrisy, self righteousness, and a God complex, but hey, I'm just a parent.

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